Feb. 2016 Rel. Ed. Newsletter

Lent will be here in just a few days.  How are you going to prepare for Easter?  In an effort to offer our families a chance to learn together about Ash Wednesday and Lent, we are inviting all K-5 students to bring a parent/adult to the Feb. 10th PSR class to share in a group activity.  This will take place in the gym.  If you can't bring an adult then you may attend regular class as usual.  Sixth-8th grade will meet as usual.  Regular PSR classes will be on the other Wednesdays of February.  All 2nd-7th grade students will have a chance to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation during the PSR class.  

Our Feb. 7th High School PSR class is a Super Bowl Party at the Pratt Teen Center.  We will start at 5:15pm and go till the game is over.  Bring some food or drink to share. Then we will have regular class on Feb. 21st from 6:30pm-8pm in the parish offices.  

Confirmation is scheduled for 7pm on Wednesday, March 9th in the church.  The students with their sponsors will have the Signing of the Book Rite during Mass on Feb. 28th with the Confirmation retreat to follow that day.  Confirmation practice will be during PSR on March 2nd in the church.  I need the students with a  sponsor or parent to attend.  There will be a reception after the Confirmation Mass in the school, all are invited for cake and punch.  

Adult Education:  For Lent, Darrell Stroda will be leading the Mystery of God series by Bishop Robert Barron.  In a new six-part film series from Bishop-elect Robert Barron titled “The Mystery of God: Who God Is and Why He Matters” you will reach into our rich intellectual tradition and learn how to draw people back to God. (from Word on Fire website). We are determining which night to meet, Tuesday or Thursday.  Please contact Erin if you are interested.  If you have any other groups or events you would care to see, please let Erin know.  

May you have a Spirit filled Lent,  Erin Crouch