Rel. Ed. Sept. 2015 info

Welcome to another year of Religious Education.  Our first night of PSR (Parish School of Religion) for all Kindergarten to 8th grade students will be September 16th.  We will begin with Mass in the church at 7pm.  Parents are asked to attend with students, we will not have regular classes that night.  Then in the cafeteria we will have enrollment and refreshments.    You can pick up enrollment forms in the parish office or enroll on line at our website,  All families need to register all students and then 6th grade and older students require a scavenger hunt permission form (if they will participate) and a medical permission form.  These forms are in the office and also on the website.   Fees are $30 for one student or $55.00 for 2 or more students, also if you have a student with receiving a sacrament then another $10 per student is added to the fees.   Just a reminder that First Communion/Reconciliation is in 2nd grade and Confirmation is in 8th grade, if you missed these for your student please let me know.