High School

Our High School program involves classroom encounters and chances to volunteer and work in our parish. The goal is to come to love Jesus and our faith.

Totus Tuus 2017 Pool Party

The last day of the youth gathering for Totus Tuus was a pool party hosted by the Cannata Family.  We had a good time.  Some played volleyball in the rain.

Graduation Sunday 2017

Here is the photo of most of the graduating students for Graduation Sunday 2017.  This group included a few college graduates as well.

High School attends Newman Production

On Feb. 19th two high school students attended The Miracle of Fr. Kapaun production at Newman University.  Blake Lee a former students was one of the actors in the production.   It was the story about the life and death of Fr. Kapaun and the accident and healing of Chase Kear.  The story was very well told and the acting was moving.

HS Rel. Ed News Mar. 2017

High School PSR will meet on Sundays March 5th and 12th but not on the 19th or 26th due to Spring Break.  March 18-20th is a Teen Encounter Christ retreat in Garden City for Juniors and Seniors.  Please let me know ASAP if you want to attend.


Feb. 2017 HS News

Our high school class will not have PSR on the 5th of Feb., so that they can spend time with family during the Super Bowl. We will have class on the 12th and 26th.  On February 19th all High School students are invited to attend "The Miracle of Fr. Kapaun" production at 2pm at the Newman University in Wichita.  Please RSVP to me by Feb. 12th.  The parish is paying for the tickets but students should bring money for a meal afterwards.  We would like to leave by noon on the 19th.

Prayer in Action 2016

Prayer in Action Misson Opportunity for High School Students continues this year and also has a week for college students.

College week: June 19-24 in Meade.

High School weeks are:

June 26-July 1 in Meade

July 10-15 in St. John

July 17-22 in St. John.

What is it:  Prayer in Action provides meaningful opportunities to high school or college aged students and their adult leaders to do mission work right here within the boundaries of our own diocese.  Prayer and Action sessions last five days, with students arriving on a Sunday evening and then staying until the next Friday morning.  Throughout the week the students will paint, clean, do yard work, and perform other meaningful tasks, for the poor, handicapped, and the elderly.  The students will spend the week in an atmosphere, free of distractions, which will foster their faith, ideas of service, and love of Catholic values.

The fee is $100.00 for the week.

You can sign up and find more information at www.dcdiocese.org/prayer-and-action.

High School PSR Sept. 2015

NCYC activity is gearing up this fall too.  I am asking all sponsors and students to attend a meeting on Sunday Sept. 13th from 6:30-7:30pm to help get our bierock sales kicked off and begin the preparation for our pilgrimage to NCYC.  Bierock sales will begin September 20th and conclude Friday October 2nd.  All orders are due the 2nd and anyone interested after that will be put on a list.  We will make bierocks the weekend of October 9-11th.

High School PSR is different this year.  We will meet the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 6:30-8pm in the school.  We have a good team of volunteers to help and we would love people to help bring food for the high school class.  If you are interested in the hospitality ministry, please contact me.  Our first High School PSR class willl be Sept. 20th.  Parents are always welcome to come check us out.  The Diocese's High School Youth rally will be Sept. 27th in Dodge City.  Mark your calendars.

Oct 2014 HS info

October 22nd is the 6th-12th grade Scavenger Hunt/Food Drive.  We need parent drivers for all of these grades.  Please let Erin know if you can drive.  If you didn't fill out a permission form and medical form at enrollment for your 6th grade or older student you can download them from the website at http://sacredheartpratt.com/k-8/documents.  Just print them out, fill them out, and send with your student.  You may put multiple students per form.  

NCYC students and parents, we are planning the annual bierock or hot pocket sale for October 31 to Nov. 2nd.  Please keep an eye out for forms and emails about this.  

High School Youth Rally:  Our high school rally with Steve Angrisano is set for November 22 -23.  The Diocesan Youth Council has been working on this event since their leadership weekend in August.  Part of the planning for the rally includes a change of venue.  The Rally will be held at the Dodge House Hotel/Convention Center.  Be on the look out for more information about this in October.  The diocese works hard to bring in good presenters and many of us have heard Steve Angrisano sing and talk at NCYC.

Graduation Sunday

I invite all graduating seniors and college students to attend our 8:30am Mass on Sunday May 11th.  Please wear your cap and gown and you will be honored during Mass. We will have refreshments afterwards.

May 2013 High School Relgious Ed News

Sunday, May 12th, during our 8:30am Mass we will
celebrate our graduates. All High School and
College graduates are invited to wear their cap and
gowns to Mass and sit up front. Coffee and rolls will
be served after Mass. Congratulations on a job well
done and good luck in the future.

Totus Tuus will be the week of June 22-28th. All
K-5th graders from this year are invited to the
day time program from 9am-3pm Monday
through Friday. Registrations will be mailed in early
May and the cost is $10 per students. All 6th-11th
grade students are invited to the youth program
from 7:30-9:45pm Sunday through Thursday that
week. We will end with a pool party at the Cantata’s
which will be earlier than 7:30pm on Thursday. Cost
here is also $10 per student. Please keep up to date
with the information via the bulletin and the website.
I hope your student can attend. This will be a great
part of the summer.

Calling all Sophomores and older to Teens
Encounter Christ (TEC). We have two TEC
weekends this summer. One in July on the
6th-8th in Garden City and then one here in
Pratt on August 3rd-5th. This can be a very
spiritual weekend and it will be right here in our
parish. You can sign up on the diocese's
website at www.dcdiocese.org/youth.

On May 11th the NCYC youth are hosting a
Disc Golf Tournament as a fund raiser for
our trip. We would gladly take donations for
individual chip bags, cookies, pop, and water to
use for the lunch included in the registration.
The cost to play is $25.00 per person and
includes the option of playing individual and
with a team. Registration is at 9:30am at May
Dennis Park and play will begin for individuals
at 10am. We will offer lunch of hamburger,
chips, cookies, with pop or water. Then team
play will be at 1pm. Please come out and
support the group.
Have a safe and blessed summer.
Erin Crouch,
Director Religious Education

High School New for April 2013

This year the week of June 24-28th we are inviting in a Totus Tuus team from the Wichita Diocese.  The 1st-6th grade (2013-14 grade) will go from 9-3PM Monday through Friday.  The Youth (7th-High School) will meet from 7:30-9:45Pm in the evenings Monday through Thursday.  The 7th/8th grade will meet separate from the High School. I will still need volunteers for during the day.  I need 4 adults for each day during the week and also 1 or 2 to help in the kitchen.   I will need host families to feed the team each evening Monday to Friday.  We would like to do a potluck on the 22nd (Saturday) with the parish after Mass to meet the team.  If you would like to help in any way please contact me.  Parents be on the look out for enrollment forms.  This should be an exciting opportunity.  Cost will be $10 per child or youth.  

NCYC discount cards are still available to purchase through me.  We would also like to request anyone willing to sponsor a bus seat or part of one for $170 please let Erin know.  We are taking 40 people this year and at $600 per person,  it is a lot of money. 
We will have a NCYC youth gathering on April 28th here in Pratt from 2-5pm at the school.  All youth and sponsors attending are invited.  This is an effort to make this a journey of prayer and pilgrimage and not just a cool trip.  

Have a wonderful Spring.  God Bless.

High School News for Mar. 2013

The Wichita Service Camp applications are in my office for any High School Student wanting to attend the service camp this summer June 16-21st.  The registration form and a $50 deposit is due to me by March 15th.  You can see more at http://www.youtube.com/user/newmanservicecamp

NCYC parents we are having a meeting on March 13th at 8PM to finalize discussion on fund raising for the next 6 months. This will be after PSR like before in the school cafeteria.

High School News for Feb. 2013

I invite all Freshman and Sophomore High School students to consider attending the JOY (Jesus, You, Others) retreat the weekend of Feb. 9-10th in Garden City. It is a wonderful weekend for these students to draw closer to their faith, have fun, and meet new people.  You can sign up at http://www.dcdiocese.org/youth

I also have applications for youth council for the Diocese if any high school student is interested.  Please let me know.  The deadline is March 1st.
Also for High school students the Newman University this summer is putting on the Summer Service camp in June from the 16-21st.  The cost is $175.00 and you spend a week having fun, doing service in Wichita, and hanging out.  Let me know if you are interested.  The $50 deposit is due to me by March 15th.