We offer a range of opportunities for adults to learn in small groups about their faith and increase their love of Jesus through education.

Adult Lenten 2017 Activity

Adult Education:   We will begin the Walk to Eternity Adult study on March 2nd at 7pm in the Parish offices.  Please let me know if you want to participate.   Donna Gerber has expressed an interest in leading a daytime Lenten study group.  Please contact me if you are interested.   Our Lenten book this year is "Resisting Happiness" by Matthew Kelly, please pick one up in the church and if we need extra let me know.

Feb. 2017 Adult Ed. News

Adult Lenten study:  Just a reminder that I am trying to organize an adult lenten study around Jeff Cavin's: Walking Toward Eternity: Engaging the Struggles of Your Heart.  Seven topics will be covered on obstacles to walking in our faith.  They are appetites, shame, envy, anger, fear, loneliness, and hopelessness.  The study involves prayerful reading of scripture at home with small group sharing and a video teaching.  I have a few interested in a Thursday night group but I could also do a Tuesday night group or you can organize your own group.  Let me know so we can get materials ordered.  

Lent 2017 study

Adult Education:  I will be forming an adult Lenten study using the Walking Toward Eternity:
Engaging the Struggles of Your Heart.  I would like to meet on Tuesdays  or Thursdays during Lent starting
Feb. 28th.  Please let me know if you are interested or need another night.  

Adult Education Fall 2015

Adult Education:  Starting Sept. 10th at 6pm in the parish office we will begin a bible study of the book of Acts.   This time is not set in stone and can be changed, so if you can't make Thursdays at 6pm, then let me know.  I need to order books so please email or call me if you are interested.

October 2014 Adult Education

Adult Education:  I would like to start meeting in October around the 2nd week to get the Bible Study of the Gospel of Matthew started.  I have  a couple of options for days, either Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.  If you are interested and have an opinion then please let me know.  
Have a wonderful October.

Adult Education for the summer, ideas needed

I am working on ideas for the summer for Adult Religious Education.  I was thinking of doing the 8 week Salvation timeline Bible series by Jeff Cavin.  Also I was thinking a Bible or saint movie night might be fun.  Another thought was to have Evening prayer before the movie night.  I am open to other ideas.  Let me know if you like any of the ideas I have or give me some new ones.

Adult Education March 2013

Adult Education

The Adult DVD series on Catholicism will be canceled the night of March 20th due to Spring Break. We will also continue our Bible Study series for Adults on Thursday nights from 6:30-8:00pm. The book club will continue but at 1:30PM instead of 2PM on Sundays to give more time for discussion on all Sunday's in March except the 3rd due to Confirmation and also Easter weekend. We have two Lazy Lenten Learnings in March at 3PM on Sunday March 10th and March 24th. The March 10th topic is on Mixed Faith Marriages. We have Colleen Newman from Great Bend coming to share her life in a Mixed Faith Marriage. I invite all parish members with similar marriages to come share and support each other. Then our March 24th topic will be on Same Sex Attraction by Chuck Weber. Chuck is a film producer from Wichita who is filming a series for EWTN on the Catholic groups Courage and EnCourage, which are support groups for those with same sex attraction and also their families. So please plan to attend some of the adult education opportunities to make this a great Lent.

I hope all have had a blessed Lent. Erin Crouch, Director of Religious Education

Adult Education Feb. 2013

Adult Education:   The Catholicism DVD will continue to be offered at 7PM on Wed. in the school conference room if anyone wants to attend.  The Bible Salvation Timeline study is still going on on Thursdays at 6:30PM at the home of Ken and Jackie Woodruff.  Call the church for details.  During Lent we will have a free book for people to read, Rediscover Catholicism by Matthew Kelly.  The book is a great read that will help you to reconnect to your faith.  I will put study questions up on the website each week for people to consider as they read the book.  And those who want to share in a discussion can come at 2PM on Sundays during Lent (except March 3rd) to the rectory upstairs room and share their thoughts.  Books will be handed out on Feb. 2nd and 3rd during Masses.   Then also during Lent we will offer some sessions of our Lazy Lenten Learning.  Our first session will be Feb. 24th, Sunday at 3PM in the rectory upstairs.  Sister Janice Grochowsky will lead the discussion on Annulments and what they are.  This is an informal session of about an hour of learning and sharing.  Please consider one or more of these options to expand you faith during this Year of Faith.