Stewardship Council Meeting Minutes

Stewardship Council meeting Minutes April 10, 2015 The Stewardship Council met at the home of Alan and Bekki Pribil at 6:30 pm April 11, 2015. Present were Ed and Sharon Barrett, David and Glenna Borho, Blake Himmelwright, , Alan and Bekki Pribil and Jerry and Jeanette Siemens. The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as written. Old business Jeanette reported that she would like to see a “Did You Know” section in the bulletin. She will try to get that started. Glenna has presented 6 welcome baskets, but need someone who speaks Spanish to present the others. Sharon has made card for each of the recent confirmandi. David received good feedback on our Lenten speakers. Ed suggested that we have one or two speakers every other month. New Business Various ideas and/or topics were discussed for speakers in the future. David suggested asking one of the neophytes to speak. Jeanette asked the question, ‘what do we do now’? There was brief discussion about the Wichita Diocese program about which Father sent an email. Discussion about catholic education, catechesis and the need for accountable catechists. How do we encourage new altar servers?. Next meeting June 12, 2015 at the home of Ed and Sharon Barrett. Respectfully submitted by, Chris Himmelwright