Stewardship Council Meeting Minutes

Stewardship Council meeting Minutes March 13, 2015 The Stewardship Council met at the home of Blake and Chris Himmelwright at 6:30 pm March 13, 2015. Present were David Borho, Blake and Chris Himmelwright, Father McKinney, Alan and Bekki Pribil and Jerry and Jeanette Siemens. Father opened the meeting with prayer. The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as written. Old business Jeanette reported that Sharon has contacted the card writing group and they have met. Chris reported that all of the new ministers have been contacted and are in the process of being trained and/or put on the schedule, David will contact all new ministers that fall under ‘social activities’. It was further decided that Jeanette will post people’s hobbies in the bulletin from time to time. As per Father’s request David will also contact those who signed up for Coffee and Rolls and the T&T form to see if the would become a committee to organize that event. Blake reported that two speakers have agreed to speak at mass. Chris has sent a ‘thank you’ to each on behalf of the Council. Other Jeanette recommended the podcasts on Stewardship that Eric Hazelhorst does. They can be found on the diocesan website. The Bishop will be celebrating mass with the Sacred Heart students on March 31. There will be a recognition of Sacred Heart School on May 16. Stewardship Council will offer to help. Chris will contact Rhonda W. In reviewing the Time and Talent form responses there was discussion on how to use the information. Names from the Prayer Chain sign up will be given to Tina to see if she knows how that is handled.(Jeanette) Jeanette will contact Tom Garland about the Social Justice committee and Chris, Rochelle W. Jeanette will share the names from Ministry of Praise sign up sheet with Cecelia. She will also give names for Bulletin/Newsletter stuffers to Tina, Bulletin/Production/Design to Christine Brenner and ask Deb Roberts to oversee the student names that volunteered for snow removal. She will give Wanda Voss’ name to Deb for church cleaning. Interest in funeral dinners will go to Jan Merz, Gift Card sale names to Kelly McDermeit. There was discussion about names that are willing to help with events that will be kept for reference as events occur. The next meeting will be April 17 at 6:30 pm at the home of Alan and Bekki Pribil. Respectfully, submitted by, Chris Himmelwright