Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is an advisory board of leadership from the parish, that shares the responsibility for prayerfully building the parish into a vibrant Christian community that promotes the parish mission and Gospel values of love, justice, and peace.

June 2019 minutes

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

June 20, 2019, Sacred Heart, 6:30 pm

Roll Call: 

Present: Fr. Klag, Dan Gillig, Jim Ellis,  Rhonda Westerhaus and Kelly Gallagher 

Absent:  Julie Scott, Marco Avilla and  Rick Stegman

Opening Agenda:  After an opening prayer by Kelly, the minutes from last month’s meeting were accepted.

Old Business Reports:

Finance:  Jim reported that the finance council had met to set the parish annual budget which would then be submitted to the diocese for approval.

Liturgy Commission: Rhonda reported that the committee continues to meet on Saturday for the regular liturgy business. Special thanks were noted for the beautiful yard flowers that have been donated this summer.

Religious Ed:  Totus tuus starts the week of July 7 with classes in the morning for youth and HS in the evenings.

Hispanic Ministry:   No report

Stewardship:   Fr. reported that stewardship was working to organize the upcoming parish picnic on Sunday, August 4th at Lemon’s Park.

Property and Maintenance:   Fr. reported that a building committee had now been formed and  met with members recommended by the Parish Council and including; Theresa Miller, Dave Borho, Brian Pixler, Kelly Gallagher, and Bekki Pribil.  The group has visited the Cunningham renovated church and has plans  to visit St. Rose  of Lima in Great Bend.  The council also mentioned  that Andale, Colby and Scott City churches might be good to visit.  The renovation will be divided into two attached spaces as follows:

Church, Bathrooms, Flooring, Lighting, Sound system, Pews, Altar, Doors

 November is the expected month to start .

 Parish Center, Offices Meeting Rooms, Workroom, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Storage, Open Space Classrooms, Basement

K of C     Dan noted that the council had very successful Lenten Fish Fry Fridays with average crowds exceeding 350.  The movie recently shown at the Barron, “Unplanned” was also sponsored by the Knights.  Two Pratt Recreation teams are currently being sponsored for summer ball. $250.00 was donated to the Nebraska Council to help with flood damage. 


Rhonda and Jim’s rotation on the council is now complete.  Fr. Agreed to announce and post the need for two volunteers to begin in August.  No July meeting was scheduled unless there was a need.  Kelly noted a suggestion by a couple with children who recently attended a Mass where they noticed a pew card welcoming them and their children.  Kelly agreed to mail the notice to The Council member for consideration.  Dan then noted he also had a suggestion from a parishioner who wondered if security cameras would be a good idea.  After discussion which also included an eventual parish usage policy , the  council agreed to revisit the matter, but to table it until the renovations’ are complete   Fr. reminded the group that he would be on retreat the week of June 23. 

After a closing prayer led by Fr., the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Rhonda Westerhaus, Secretary


Jan 2019 Parish Council minutes

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes, January 17, 2019 6:30 pm

Roll Call: Present: Fr. Klag, Dan Gillig, Jim Ellis, Rick Stegman, Rhonda Westerhaus, Kelly Gallagher, Julie Scott,
Opening Agenda: After an opening prayer by Father, the meeting began.
Old Business Reports:
Church Renovation Update:
         Fr. reported that Dan Stremmel from the diocesan offices came out to the parish and met with representatives of councils and parish members to lay out a diocesan approved building process. This would involve establishing a 6 to 8 member building committee for design and a parallel committee for financing. The money would come as a loan from the diocese and repaid within a 10 year framework at a low interest cost to the parish. Parish funds that are already in a diocesan savings account totally approximately $100,000 would get the process started. Discussion followed. Names of possible committee members were generated. Fr. reminded the group that volunteers would need to have time during both day and night hours to visit other renovations in the diocese, but that the project, due to building restrictions, would be limited to the existing structure. Possible renovations could include a handicap bathroom, new lighting, carpet, paint, flooring, ceiling, sound, and covered access to a renovated parish hall. It was agreed to begin looking for an architecture familiar with Catholic Parish renovation designs.

Finance: Jim reported that the finance council had met and an additional savings would be placed with the diocese.

Liturgy Commission: Rhonda reported that the committee continues to meet on Saturday for the regular liturgy business. Fr. conducted a recent server training.

Religious Ed: It was noted by Rhonda that continued prayers are appreciated for the group of youth attending the Right to Life march in Washington DC and plans for the Youth Conference.

Hispanic Ministry: No report.

Stewardship: Julie reported that because the stewardship committee met on Fridays, she was unable to attend and that maybe someone else’s availability would match better as the appointed liaison.

K of C: Dan reported that Fish Fry Suppers would be starting with Lent. It was noted that Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday is March 5th this year.

Parish Events: Dan reported that at the last meeting Cecilia Peltier addressed the council about the annual 80 and over dinner. Due to other events that celebrated our Senior Parish members like the Christmas and the all parish picnic that maybe a more inclusive event would be substituted for the May dinner that competes with graduations, first communion and more. The council generated possible alternatives including an all school reunion. Supper after a garage sale, Mission Meal and more. The group agreed that for now, no plans would be made for the May dinner.
Dan then addressed the July proposal for a parish retreat. Fr. interjected that he had arranged for a retreat in September that would substitute for the Feb. idea. Dan agreed to visit with Fr. after the meeting.
It was also reported that representative members Luke, Rita and Kim were identifying electronic and classroom items that could be passed along, recycled, or gotten rid of. The group agreed that an eventual parish garage sale will occur to accommodate the sale of these items. Fr. noted that the computer console, for example, could be made available to another diocesan school. The council agreed that this would be a good way to pay it forward. Additional items from the former rectory could also become part of a future garage sale as the renovation process occurs. Fr. closed this discussion by noting two boxes of books have been mailed to the school in Nigeria along with a suitcase taken by Dr. Shirley Ibeawuchi

Council Officers:
Rhonda reminded the council that she and Jim’s tenure would be up in July. Possible replacement names could be presented at the Feb. meeting.

Parish Secretary;
A thank you from Tina Heien, noting her appreciated for the parish farewell and dinner was passed around.

Next Meeting: Thursday, February 21, 2019
After a closing prayer led by Fr., the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Rhonda Westerhaus, Secretary

May 2017 Pastoral Council minutes

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

May 25, 2017, Sacred Heart, 6:30 pm

Roll Call: Present: Fr. Klag, Vicki Rush, David Borho, Christine Brenner, Jim Ellis, Dan Gillig, Rhonda Westerhaus Guests: Rita Hitt and Alison Ricke

Opening Agenda: After an opening prayer by David, the minutes from last month’s meeting were accepted.

Old Business Reports:

Finance: Jim reported that the Finance Council met and approved the allotment of identified preschool items for the purpose of continuing the community service. The preschool is to relocate to the First Baptist Church. It was agreed that an announcement should go in the bulletin. Jim then reported that a down payment for the new organ had been paid. Lastly, the Hope Center monthly donation was raised to $200 per month.

Liturgy Commission: Rhonda reported that the committee continues to meet on Saturday for the regular liturgy business. A lector workshop was held to train a group of new volunteers.

Religious Ed: Fr. noted that there had been discussion with the Bishop regarding Sacred Heart Religious Education and that he was listening to the various voices regarding goals and mission of the Task Force towards religious education. Summer religious education will include Totus Tuus.

Hispanic Ministry: No report, but Marcos has agreed to be the liaison.

Stewardship: David reported that the commission had met the weekend before. The group will sponsor a parish picnic on Sunday, July 30th at 5:00 pm at Lemon Park. Parishioners are asked to bring a side dish. The Time and Talent renewal form will be a description of each committee to be displayed at the back of church, on poster board, changed on a rotating basis along with available committee members in case of questions. This will take place in November.

Property and Maintenance: Fr. reported that he would be contacting the organ installers about the building set up for speakers and more. Fr. also noted a thank you to all the property volunteers who have helped with lawn mowing, bush trimming and more.

Kof C Dan reported that the group had met on May 3rd. A contribution to the organ fund is being made in the amount of $500 in the name of Women of Sacred Heart in appreciation for their help with the K of C Lenten fish fries. A K of C representative will also attend the June 3rd ordination in Dodge City. Lastly, the K of C elected new officers.

Women of Sacred Heart: Rhonda reported that the women would be providing a summer meal for the Circles group along with a luncheon for the Miss Kansas program.

Parish Task Force: Vicki reported that the group met with Jeanette Siemens in matching objectives to match the goals for parish formation.

Fr.’s Report: Fr. noted that the diocesan sponsored Vibrant Ministries appeal is underway. Parishioners will get a letter soon. After a prayer, the names for Pastoral Council were reviewed and a new person was named. Dan will let all 4 candidates know of the results.

Next Meeting: Thursday June 15 at 6:30 pm. Rhonda noted that she would not be able to attend and that a substitute secretary would need to take the minutes.

After a closing prayer led by Fr., the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Rhonda Westerhaus, Secretary



Feb 2017 Pastoral Council Minutes

Pastoral Council Meeting

Minutes Feb. 19, 2017 Sacred Heart 6:30 pm

Roll Call: Present: Fr. Klag, Rhonda Westerhaus, Vicki Rush, David Borho, Christine Brenner Absent: Jim Ellis, Dan Gillig and Marcos Avila

Opening Agenda: After an opening prayer by Rhonda, the minutes from last month’s meeting were accepted.

Intentional Discipleship, Chapter 5 was tabled till the next meeting.

Old Business Reports:

Finance: Fr. reported that he sent additional money for savings with the diocese and that the parish finances were in “good shape”. The finance council report was then accepted.

Liturgy Commission: Rhonda reported that the committee continues to meet on Saturday for the regular liturgy business. The council discussed feedback about the greeters being discontinued and concluded that this ministry could be revisited, but training about the need to respect the quiet needs for those who come early to pray or to receive the sacrament of reconciliation. Fr. also noted that he and Michael Westerhaus had met with two organ companies about estimated costs to replace the organ. Memorial monies are at about $23,000 and the estimated cost of a new organ would be between $37-43,000. The next step will be for the musicians to visit two or three churches where each organ has been installed before going to the next step.

Religious Ed: Follow up about the need to reactivate the Religious Ed committee was discussed. Fr. Agreed to visit with Erin about contacting previous members, Kim Lee, Kim Evert and Cindy Studier, with the option of inviting any additional members as needed. Fr. noted a Lenten study is in the works and a Dave Ramsey possible video series.

Hispanic Ministry: Fr. reported that a recent rosary and dinner was enjoyed by the Hispanic community. The Council recognized and thanked the Hispanic Community for the recent Tamale Sales that will go towards a new organ. The sales benefited over $1000.

Stewardship: David reported that the group had met at the Himmelwrights the previous Friday and agreed that the Time and Talent follow ups calls had been made. Any person not getting a follow up call is encouraged to contact Tina in the parish office. Also noted was that hospitality was a “Pillar of Stewardship”. Lastly, the council noted that a chair or two co -chairs for Vibrant Ministries is still needed. This diocesan appeal will start in May.

Property and Maintenance: Fr. Reported that Corey Crouch has been hired for janitorial tasks in the PSR spaces. There was discussion about how the other spaces might be maintained as well.

K of C David reported that the K of C Lenten Fish Fries would resume on Friday, March 3rd.

Ministerial Alliance: No report

Women of Sacred Heart: Rhonda reported that the Helping Hands Sewing ministry will host a Mardi Gras soup supper on Fat Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 6:00 pm.

Parish Directory: Christine passed around the recently received directory for final edition which she and Angela Gillig will complete then send back for final printing.

Sacred Heart Task Force: Vicki reported that the committee will be meeting next Monday with the agenda of Objectives in the areas of Formation/Education, Evangelization and Outreach.


Council Officers: David tendered his resignation noting that he will be serving on the Finance Council instead. Christine will consider if she wants to continue her second term. Rhonda agreed to stay as Secretary for the next year. Vicki will complete her second term. For the next meeting David agreed to visit with proposed candidates and Council is to review the by -laws for bringing new members on board.

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 16 at 6:30 p.m.,

After a closing prayer led by David, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Rhonda Westerhaus, Secretary






Pastoral Council Jan. 2017

Pastoral Council Meeting (Unapproved Minutes)

January 19, 2017  Sacred Heart 7:00 pm


Roll Call:  Present: Fr. Klag, David Borho, Rhonda Westerhaus, Dan Gillig, Vicki Rush, Jim Ellis. Absent:  Christina Brenner

Opening Agenda:  After an opening prayer and reflection of the next Sunday’s Gospel by Vicki, the minutes from the last month’s meeting were approved with corrections.

Old Business Reports:

Stewardship: David reported that Stewardship had met January 6th. The topic of discussion was the diocesan appeal, Vibrant Ministries.  

Liturgy Commission: Rhonda reported that the committee continues to meet on Saturdays and that the commission’s invitation for parishioners to help dismantle the Christmas decorations was especially well attended with committee members, spouses, couples and parish singles.

Religious Ed:  No report.

Hispanic Ministry: No Report

Property and Maintenance:

Fr. reported that while there are no pressing property issues, a school janitor was still needed. There was discussion about combining the church, offices and school into one job. No action was taken at this time.

K of C Dan reported that a Mass in Sharon would be followed by a meal and that a couples’ dinner was scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 15 before the evening youth classes.

Ministerial Alliance: No report.

Parish Directory:  David reported that the directory was in need of parish addresses to be complete. Luke would supply the names.

Sacred Heart Task Force: Vicki reported that the committee would be gearing up again after the holidays with a focus on Religious Education and Evangelization. It was recommended that the Religious Education committee be revitalized to lend support to the goal of religious education.

Finance Council: David reported that the council met the previous week. A lot of the meeting discussion centered on the ongoing financial losses of both the parish preschool and the day care. The parish savings account was increasing, though.


Parish Bulletin:

Fr. Klag:  Fr. Klag noted a chairperson was still in need for the diocesan appeal which has been tabled until May when a chair or co-chair can be trained.

Council Officers:

Next Meeting: Thursday, February 16

After a closing prayer led by Fr., the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Rhonda Westerhaus, Secretary

Sept to Nov 2016 Minutes available

Please visit the documents for Pastoral Council to see a copy of the September 2016 to November 2016 minutes for the council.

March 2016 Pastoral Council Minutes

Pastoral Council Meeting (Unapproved Minutes)

March 17, 2016 Sacred Heart 7:00 pm

Roll Call: Present: Fr. McKinney, David Borho, Rhonda Westerhaus, Dan Gillig, Vicki Rush, Jim Ellis, Ismael Oviedo, and Christine Brenner. Guest, Jeanette Siemens

Guest Jeanette Siemens extended an invitation to leadership training for members of the council along with any other parish staff and committee members who would be interested in a monthly or three day option this summer and fall in Wichita.  Those interested were encouraged to note the details on the website,  Several members indicated interest.

Opening Agenda: After an opening prayer and reflection of the next Sunday’s Gospel by Vicki the minutes from last month’s meeting were accepted with one correction.

Intentional Discipleship, Chapter 4 was reviewed and discussed.

Old Business Reports:

Finance: Jim reported that the committee met. The parish finance report was reviewed noting the need to increase the costs for daycare and preschool next year.  Jackie Forssberg resigned and so a new representative will be appointed. The diocesan appeal was also discussed.  Lastly, it was noted that the overall parish cash balance was positive.

Stewardship: David reported that the group met and discussed the recent parish question and answer sessions for the survey.   Glenna is continuing to meet with new parishioners.  The card committee just completed the month’s birthday mailings. Jeanette Siemens and Bekki Pribil reported on a recent $10,000 grant from the Kansas Leadership Council that could help train parish leaders.

Religious Ed: Christine reported that confirmation was a success.  Also discussed was the tabling of any future meetings of the parish Religious Education committee until the task force could make their recommendations.

Liturgy Commission: Rhonda reported that she had talked to liturgy about becoming the liaison thru Mary Harms who agreed to let her know of the next meeting. The committee would be meeting Saturday’s to ready the church for Easter.  The Helping Hands committee and Liturgy are working together to complete another liturgical banner for ordinary time.

Property and Maintenance: Fr. reported the repair of guttering by the Hispanic Ministry.  Appreciation was expressed for this task.  Jim Ellis agreed to repair deflated balls in the gym.

K of C Dan reported that the K of C Fish Frys had been very well attended with as many as 374 people attending.  Another note of appreciation was expressed for the excellent cooperation of the Knights and the Women of Sacred Heart in preparing food for these Friday night feeds.  The last will be this Friday.

Ministerial Alliance: Fr. reported that an Easter Egg Hunt was being held Easter Day, Sunday, March 27 at 2:00 pm at Lemon Park, sponsored by Sheryl White’s, Underground Angel Ministry. It was agreed to put this notice in the bulletin.

Hispanic Ministry: The Hispanic community continues to pray and study the Bible as part of their ongoing Hispanic Mass /Music Ministry. Prayers were asked for a special intention.

Parish Directory: Christine reported that the directory was closer to publication, but getting current phone numbers for the parish at large was a stumbling block. It was suggested that cell phone numbers were being gathered by the Women of Sacred Heart directory and a contact with Kim Evert or Rita Hitt might help.

Sacred Heart Task Force: Vicki reported that the group had met the Monday night before to continue their task, and the inherent connection with the Parish Council’s ongoing work towards a revised Parish Mission Statement. Most immediate to the task force was how to publish the results of the parish survey.  It was suggested that a bulletin insert along with a short announcement after Mass would be best. Vicki agreed to set this up. She then noted that the group was studying the book Forming Intentional Discipleship and that a workbook had been purchased to help with the discussion.  Discussion items also included the notion of a possible Youth Minister/Parish Life Director. Lastly, in working with the Family Fellowship initiative the task force asked for support from the Parish Council.  The council agreed to support food and activities for this monthly gathering, the next being Saturday, April 9, 2016, after the 5:30 Mass.  Rhonda, Christine and David agreed to help with the food in making a Spaghetti main course and that the Family Fellowship members could bring side dishes.  Jim agreed to get the activity balls filled with air before the April 9 meeting. Rhonda noted that there could be some previously purchased materials suitable for video viewing for the preschoolers. She agreed to check with Erin about these. The Task Force also discussed a communications person to keep the parish website updated and for other IT needs. The next meeting of the task Force will be Monday, March 28.

Year of Mercy Events: Rhonda reported on the parish reflection of the Three Parables of Mercy. Fr. and the council extended their appreciation to Rhonda for her time.  It was also noted that the reflection might be repeated should other committees or groups express interest. Rhonda agreed that she would be glad to accommodate any such requests. The Jubilee Mercy calendar of events are as follows.

January:  Goal Setting/ Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy February:  All parish Penance Opportunity

March:  Mercy Parables reflection (March 16 7:00 pm in the church) April:  Youth Led Liturgy for 5th weekend

May:  K of C Living Rosary June:  Sacred Heart Sunday July:  Youth led Liturgy

Oct.:  Parish Mission Nov.  Ellsworth Ministry Dec.  Guadalupe Mass

Mission: David presented the group with possible dates for Suzanne Dextrus to lead the parish in revising the Mission Statement. Tuesday, April 5th was the best date for council members. David will extend the invitation to Suzanne, along with an announcement in the bulletin and to other committees. It was decided to conduct the evening’s process in the Upper Room.

Building Process: After soliciting dates for a possible excursion to Larned to see their new facility, David reported that May seemed to be the best month and that he would follow up with Larned to note the best dates and get back with the council.

New Business:Rhonda requested that the council consider taking food to Tina after her knee surgery.  It was agreed that she would call Sharon Dodson who is coordinating a food effort and to get back to the council.

Next Meeting: The Council agree that the Parish Mission Statement Meeting, Tuesday, April 5 would substitute for the next regular meeting.

After closing the meeting with Pope Francis’ prayer for the Jubilee year of Mercy, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Rhonda Westerhaus, Secretary

March 2013 Pastoral Council Minutes

Pastoral Council Minutes Aug 16 2012

Pastoral Council
August 16, 2012
Upper Room’
Sacred Heart
7:00 p,m

Roll Call:  Present: Fr. McKinney, Blake Himmelwright, Vicki Rush, Jim Pecinovsky, Barb Harris, Maria Perez and Rhonda Westerhaus
Absent: Christine Brenner

Opening Agenda:
After an opening prayer and reflection of the next Sunday’s Gospel the Minutes from last month’s meeting were accepted.  Selection of officers resulted as follows:
Chair:  Barb Harris
Vice Chair:  Blake Himmelwright
Secretary:  Rhonda Westerhaus

Old Business:
Jim reported that  the parish Liturgy council would be planning its annual ministry training in the Fall, as well as  the annual Parish Mission.  Vicki noted that Finance Council met and enjoyed a report from the new principal  who shared his goals and experiences as a principal.  To date the school budget was reported as what was  projected with stable enrollment.  5 Scholarships are being reviewed.  The finance  committee also sponsored the farewell reception for Aaron Pribil.  Blake reported that the Stewardship committee was interested in promoting Stewardship as a lifestyle more than a once a year campaign. Saturday, August 25th would be an opportunity for committee and or parishioners to attend a diocesan workshop in Dodge City.   There was also discussion about how this issue as well as other Catholic teachings could be shared with more parishioners.  Ideas included more personal testimonies of stewardship as well as possible liturgical settings for adult education of the Bishops’ letters. Fr McKinney reported that the Social Justice committee was seeking new volunteers.   A more detailed report /discussion of the building process then ensued.  Old Business ended with consideration of a more circular graphic aid to illustrate the relationship of the various ministries and functions within the parish entities of the Pastoral Council, Staff and Administration, Formation, Outreach, Spiritual Life,  and Community life.

New Business:
Father and the council  welcomed  new members Maria, Rhonda. and Vicki,  who then shared  impressions of their recent Leadership Conference noting characteristics of an effective pastoral council member, as well as servant leadership.  Other business included discussion using a CD to lead the rosary, reconciliation music, use of portable microphones, and the Spanish Mass  needs.  

Adjournment:    The next meeting was noted to be on the 3rd Thursday, Sept.20th.  Jim agreed to be the prayer leader. The group adjourned after a Hail Mary,

Respectfully submitted,
Rhonda Westerhaus

Parish Council Minutes 3-15-12

Pastoral Council Meeting
(Unapproved Minutes)
March 15, 2012

Sacred Heart Pastoral Council met March 15, 2012, in the meeting room of the rectory.  Those present at the meeting were:  Father McKinney, Jim Pecinovsky, Jeanette Siemens, Blake Himmelwright, and Pam Marlow. 
Absent:  Paul Olson, Lynn Southard and Barb Harris.

The meeting was opened with prayer led by Pam.  The minutes from the previous meeting in February were discussed and will be approved with changes at the next meeting in April
Liaison Reports:
School Council:  Father reported from the February meeting that the school survey will go out to parishioners with children aged 16 years and younger, and to parents who have had a child in school, including non-catholic families.  The survey is being done through the School Steering Committee.  Father reported the council received applications from six interested candidates for the principal role.  Two of the applicants were interviewed.  An offer has been made to one of the candidates, and a contract has been sent for consideration. 
Finance:  Jeanette reported on the March 8th meeting of the Finance Council.  Vince Wilczek is working on the budget for the 2012-13 year for our church and school.  Discussion was held on promoting automatic withdrawal for tithing, which is currently available to the parish. 
Property & Maintenance:  Father reported the committee met March 14th.  Discussion centered around the requirements to meet standards set forth by our insurance provider, including:  place a cover on the top of the fence surrounding the playground; replace the tires under the teeter totters with more flexible rubber; trim the trees on the north side of the church that are growing into the power lines.
Religious Formation:  Jeanette reported on the March 12th meeting.  Discussion was held on Confirmation evaluation.  VBS is set for June 11-15.  A Juniour High Youth Rally is March 25th in Dodge City.  Cinnamon roll sales are in progress.  Deadline for orders is March 26th.  First Communion plans are underway.  Pictures will be taken by Cathy Colburn.  The end of year parties for PSR students are planned.
Liturgy:  Jim reported on the meetings held in February 21 and March 13th.  Discussions were held on Confirmation and First Communion events, Ash Wednesday, Lenten events, Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter.  Minutes from the meetings will be on the website.  Jim also reported on the directive from the State Fire Marshall regarding the practice of setting up chairs in the church aisles to accommodate overflow crowds.  This practice is in violation of the fire code, and cannot be allowed to continue.  If our parish is found to be in violation, our insurance will also be affected in a negative manner.
Parish Life:  Father reported the committee events have been published in the bulletin, monthly Newsletter and on the parish website.  The current upcoming event is the Family White Elephant Bingo Party to be held on March 24th following Mass.
Stewardship:  Blake reported the Council met last week.  Lenten speakers are scheduled for each weekend before Easter.  The Time and Talent Surveys will be distributed at the weekend Mass on March 24 & 25. Efforts are underway to promote planned giving, estate planning, and to solicit parishioners to put Sacred Heart in their wills.  Donor recognition was discussed regarding all levels.
Welcoming:  Due to the current level of activity with new members to our parish, Father will assume the duties of the welcoming committee.
Social Justice:  No report.  Information on activity has been in the bulletin, newsletter and website.
Old Business:
Father reported the Building Committee met February 21st to continue discussions on the Bishop’s plea to not sacrifice the school as we work forward in our Vision to improve the church.  The group intends to develop an overview of the physical needs of the parish, along with a timeline for things that need to take place.  The consensus among both the Building Committee and the Pastoral Council is that the school is a part of our Vision.  Having a staged plan will assist the parish in meeting goals.  The next meeting will be March 29th.
Jeanette requested to have an updated listing of Council and Committee members that can be put on the Sacred Heart website.
New Business:
Pastoral Council “elections” are coming up.  Three members will have completed their three year term on July 1st:  Jeanette Siemens, Lynn Southard, and Pam Marlow.  Everyone is encouraged to submit names to Father of people you feel would represent the parish well on the Council, or if you hear the call to serve, submit your own name to serve.  Father will place information in the weekly Bulletin, the monthly Newsletter and on the website informing the parish of the process.  Any active parishioner over the age of 18 who feels the desire to be a part of the Council may submit their name to Father.  The names of those who agree to the nomination will be placed in prayer asking the Holy Spirit to guide us.  Names will be drawn at Mass on the last weekend of May.
Father’s Report:
Collections remain steady.  Sacred Heart School has offered a contract to an applicant for the principal’s position, to begin July 1st.   Father made further comment on the need to be compliant with the mandate from the State Fire Marshall regarding not setting up chairs in the church to accommodate over flow crowds.  With Easter coming up, parishioners will need to be made aware of the issue.  We will investigate the possibility of setting up video/audio in the school gym for such occasions.
Jeanette presented information on a Leadership & Faith Teams Program August 5-8 in Wichita.  Information will be shared with the parish to see if there is interest in attending.

The next meeting of the Pastoral Council will be held on Thursday, April 19th, at 7 pm in the rectory meeting room.  
The meeting was closed with prayer.

Pam Marlow, recording secretary