Liturgy Commission Meeting Minutes

LITURGY MINUTES APRIL 19, 2016 Present were Kay Schnittker, Chris Himmelwright, Father McKinney, Rhonda Westerhaus (pastoral council liaison) and Mary Harms. Chris opened our meeting with our Liturgy prayer. The minutes were approved as written. Upcoming Events: • April 23rd we will meet at 2:00 to prepare the church for the weekend because of a funeral at 11. • April 30th we will meet at 9:00 to prepare the church for the weekend. • May 1st is First Communion • The weekend of May 7 & 8 Father will be gone Father Baker will be here. • The weekend of May 14 & 15 is Pentecost need to change to red. The following weekend we are back to white. Could put the wreaths up instead of the banners again. • May 21st is the Knights of Columbus memorial Mass. Also the Deacon ordination in Dodge City. • June 4 Juan Salas will be ordained in Dodge City. Here is a list of things to do next year for Lent, Holy Week and Easter. • Re-think the palm order instead of us cleaning Ziegler’s can send us palms already for people for Palm Sunday. If we don’t change the palm order we need to post in the bulletin on the website and by word of mouth for volunteers to help clean the palms. • We or Father needs to put in the front of the Passion books which “number” he likes to read that way the Lectors and readers know. • We need to go back to 3 or 4 readers on Good Friday either find 2 for the Passion and then 1 or 2 for the readings or ask for volunteers. • Mark the chairs for washing of the feet. Ask Father how many chairs will be needed might only need 1. • Post in the bulletin at least 2 weeks before the times of Masses for Holy Week and Christmas. Can be put on the running banner on the website also. Father doesn’t have to do we can send in also. Chris has contacted Cecilia about adult server training for funeral Masses. Chris has told her that she and Father need to get together and Father can train the adults. Braden Buck needs trained. Father suggested if Michael Nall asks about training the Liturgy and Father will contact and Father will train. Home schooled children an option if they don’t come to PSR we aren’t sure how to get in touch with these children. Chris will contact Erin and have PSR trained as soon as possible after the start of PSR in the fall. We need to check with Father a couple of months before prom and he will possibly schedule a Sunday evening Mass for the kids and parents. He doesn’t want to change the Saturday evening Mass time. Rhonda asked about having the children do the Mass on the 5th Sunday of those months. This year it happens to be May (Memorial weekend), July and October. Since May and July are when there is no school we thought that having the kids prepare the October Mass is our option. Pastoral Council thought this was a good idea for the Year of Mercy. Since we meet every Saturday we will not have formal meeting in May, June or July. Submitted by, Mary Harms