Liturgy Commission Meeting Minutes

LITURGY MINUTES November 10, 2015 Judy Doolittle, Chris Himmelwright, Kay Schnittker and Mary Harms met at the Himmelwright’s. We opened with prayer. Kay has contacted all the servers who were trained last month. She has filed the vacant spots and taken off the ones that wanted to come off. She did let us know that Ruth Menzer wanted to be removed from the lector and commentator schedule after November. We will remove the blurb about Eucharistic Ministers and Ushers from the bulletin for now. We think most people are looking over it. Chris will send a thank you to the Women of Sacred Heart. We will take down the fall decorations and put the Advent decorations up starting at 9. Kay will make the sign-up sheets for December 8th to be put up on the weekend of November 21st. Mass times will be at 12:10 and 7:00. December 12th will be also the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe and it will be a bilingual Mass. We will need Father to help coordinate who will be doing what at the Saturday evening Mass. Barb Harris will again take care of the poinsettias order. She will check back to see what she ordered for us last year. We will put a note in the bulletin about the ministers on holiday weekends being as scheduled. We will start decorating for Christmas on December 19th at 9 a.m. and finish on December 20th at 1 p.m. Sign-up sheets for Christmas will be put up the first weekend in December. We will take down the Pieta and Lonnie will be able to work on the stand. We discussed getting different trees behind the Nativity and possibly wreaths instead of garland for the back of church. We also will see about getting different ribbon and Judy will make new bows. Our next meeting will be the week of December 14th we found out Father is busy. We will start around 6 with a dinner at Judy’s. Submitted by, Mary Harms