Liturgy Commission Meeting Minutes

LITURGY MINUTES AUGUST 15, 2015 After Mass for the Feast of the Assumption we had our meeting at 9:30. Present were Father McKinney, Judy Doolittle, Kay Schnittker, Chris Himmelwright and Mary Harms. We began our meeting with prayer. Commission of Catechistic will be on September 20. The first PSR class will be September 16 for the grade school and middle school children. The High School will meet on Sundays. Weekday mass times will change for Friday’s only which will be at 5:30 starting the 1st Friday in September. Father will close Adoration and then might re-open after Mass until 7 or 8 depending on what happens. Father’s vacation will be starting after Mass on August 23, 2015 and he will be back sometime around September 1st. Father Dwight Birkett will be presiding both weekends. There will be the Brunner/Conkle wedding on October 10, 2015. Chris will put a notice in the bulletin about ushers and Eucharistic Ministers to the Home Bound to contact one of us or Father if you are interested. Kay was getting a count of lector training books and Eucharistic Minister books to Tina shortly so they can be ordered for the new church year. We did talk a little about Eucharistic Ministers to the Home Bound that if they had plans for breakfast or something after church that they could do that 1st then go on the rounds. Cecilia is concerned about servers for funerals since we will not be able to get servers from the school. Some adult names were Marion Fiegel, David Borho, Ed Barrett, Michael Nall and Jerry Siemens. They could possibly do it during the week. Chris was going to let Cecilia know. Our next meeting will be on Saturday September 12 at 10:00 at the church. Submitted by, Mary Harms