Liturgy Commission Meeting Minutes

LITURGY MINUTES APRIL 14, 2015 Present were Judy Doolittle, Chris Himmelwright, Kay Schnittker, Father McKinney and Mary Harms. Chris opened our meeting with prayer. Minutes from March were approved. 1st Communion will be May 3rd at 2:00. Erin printed out a list of the 2nd graders so we could first contact families to be servers, lectors and Eucharistic Ministers. Erin said she could be an EM and I said I could be a lector. We could possibly have Zach Lamatsch and Kahrie Stegman be servers. Father would like there to be the 5 Ems, 2 lectors and 2 servers and a cross bearer if possible. For the collection using the bank bags seems to be working. Both need to be put in the usher’s room Saturday morning and keys left in the sacristy. We will save some money using the bank bags rather than purchasing the security bags. Thank you’s were sent to the kids that helped during Holy Week. Sent them to Justin, Blake, Kael, Landen and Rick. I also sent one to Gabriel for helping serve all 3 evenings. Chris looked online for processional candles and found some 6 ¾ inches at Church Supply Warehouse it was $39.00. Or else we could also find oil filled candles for the altar and use those as processional candles also. Review of Holy Week: We need to purchase more candle holders for the congregational candles we used all of them at the Vigil service. Palms need to be cut thicker next year had a lot left over and a bunch of small ones that never got put out. Sharon Dodson has asked that we find someone else to work with the palms next year. Have the people who will be getting their feet washed sit with their families where ever they want but at the time of the feet washing to all come to the front and wait until it is their turn. Father has talked with Lonnie Detmer and he is making a box to transport the Holy Oils from the Mass at Dodge City. Also on old business: Chris will contact Lonnie or Ken Beckman about cladding the carpeted stand that the Pieta sits on with some wood to match the altar if possible. Also we need to ask the quilting ladies if they are working on some new banners for us for Ordinary Time. Chris was going to get the 2 lector workbooks and put them in the usher’s room for Joyce and Kristin to pick up. She will email them and let them know where they are at. Our next meeting will be May 12th at 7:00 p.m. Submitted by, Mary Harms