Liturgy minutes 4/17


APRIL 1, 2017


We met with Father in the Sacristy quick to figure out some things for Holy Week, Palm Sunday and Easter.


The statues and crucifix were shrouded Saturday.  We will put the palms in the usual place and Father will start Palm Sunday services in the back of church.  The Lectors scheduled for that weekend will also read the Passion with Father.  Father will be reader 2.


Holy Thursday we will meet at 6 or shortly after on Wednesday, April 12th.  The stand for the reserve tabernacle was brought up on Saturday.  We can set up the 6 chairs in front of the altar for the feet washing (providing we get people to volunteer.)  We need to clean the Corpus for the Veneration Cross for Good Friday.  We will have adoration until 10 p.m. on Holy Thursday.  We can use plants and some of the Easter lilies and candles for decorations at the reserve tabernacle.  The altar candles and cloth along with the cloth on the credeance table will need to be removed as well as the candles by the statues.  Father suggested that we drape the votive candle holders in the back.  WE have some black material to do that.


Father will set up for Good Friday.


We will go with however many readers we get for Holy Saturday night.  The first reading will be the 1st Genesis 1:1-2:2

Resp. Psalm A Psalm 104

2nd reading is the 3rd reading Exodus 14

Resp Psalm Exodus 15

3rd reading is the 7th reading Ezekiel 36

Resp. Psalm Isaiah 12:2

4th Reading is the Epistle Romans 6:3-11

Resp. Psalm Alleluia the lights come on before this reading.


Everything is dark until then.



Saturday morning Father will have server training at 11 an we will meet at 10.