liturgy commission


FEBRUARY 11, 2017


We met in church with Father.  Present were Judy, Chris and Mary.  We discussed plans for Lent and Easter.


First the sacristans need to be told along with the servers that we will not be using the bells during the Cannon part of the Mass during Lent.  Also we need to make a note or tell the sacristans that only the larger of the cruets needs to be put out.  The small pitcher isn’t required any longer.


 We will meet on February 28at 5:15 to prepare the church for Lent.  Father said he would distribute the ashes.  Mass times for Ash Wednesday will be at 12:10 and 5:15. 


Father has ordered new Station of the Cross books and we will use those on Friday’s at 5:30.  He will see about getting new Passion books so that the congregation could be involved in the reading.  We will use the 2 Lectors to help him read the Passion on Palm Sunday and Good Friday.


Father has ordered a smaller diameter Pascal candle for this year.  We will continue with the fire that Roger Adelhardt has been building in front of the church. (weather permitted).  Chris has ordered the palms and will double check to make sure they are cleaned this year rather than us finding people to clean them.


We will try and find 6 people for the feet washing…if not we will probably not do it.  Father suggested that we line 6 chairs up in front of the altar and ambo and he will just go down the line and wash the feet.  As you saw in an earlier email Chris asked Luke to check with Dale Withers about getting his feet washed.  We could ask the Confirmation kids also.  We can try the sign-up sheet again and see if that works. 


Father will get back with us on the times for Mass on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. 


We will veil the statues the weekend of April 1.


Father is going to Wichita on Monday and will get some votive candles, and altar candles and look at purificators there.  Chris will look on Amazon for purificators out of dinner napkins.  We need to find some that will absorb the water better and not stain with lipstick and wine.  We need to check on some new altar lines also.


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Mary Harms