Plan, prepare and assist Father with weekend liturgies. Prepare and plan for seasonal liturgies. Educate and schedule all Mass ministers. Create and maintain a pleasing worship environment.

Liturgy minutes 4/17


APRIL 1, 2017


We met with Father in the Sacristy quick to figure out some things for Holy Week, Palm Sunday and Easter.


The statues and crucifix were shrouded Saturday.  We will put the palms in the usual place and Father will start Palm Sunday services in the back of church.  The Lectors scheduled for that weekend will also read the Passion with Father.  Father will be reader 2.


Holy Thursday we will meet at 6 or shortly after on Wednesday, April 12th.  The stand for the reserve tabernacle was brought up on Saturday.  We can set up the 6 chairs in front of the altar for the feet washing (providing we get people to volunteer.)  We need to clean the Corpus for the Veneration Cross for Good Friday.  We will have adoration until 10 p.m. on Holy Thursday.  We can use plants and some of the Easter lilies and candles for decorations at the reserve tabernacle.  The altar candles and cloth along with the cloth on the credeance table will need to be removed as well as the candles by the statues.  Father suggested that we drape the votive candle holders in the back.  WE have some black material to do that.


Father will set up for Good Friday.


We will go with however many readers we get for Holy Saturday night.  The first reading will be the 1st Genesis 1:1-2:2

Resp. Psalm A Psalm 104

2nd reading is the 3rd reading Exodus 14

Resp Psalm Exodus 15

3rd reading is the 7th reading Ezekiel 36

Resp. Psalm Isaiah 12:2

4th Reading is the Epistle Romans 6:3-11

Resp. Psalm Alleluia the lights come on before this reading.


Everything is dark until then.



Saturday morning Father will have server training at 11 an we will meet at 10.

liturgy commission


FEBRUARY 11, 2017


We met in church with Father.  Present were Judy, Chris and Mary.  We discussed plans for Lent and Easter.


First the sacristans need to be told along with the servers that we will not be using the bells during the Cannon part of the Mass during Lent.  Also we need to make a note or tell the sacristans that only the larger of the cruets needs to be put out.  The small pitcher isn’t required any longer.


 We will meet on February 28at 5:15 to prepare the church for Lent.  Father said he would distribute the ashes.  Mass times for Ash Wednesday will be at 12:10 and 5:15. 


Father has ordered new Station of the Cross books and we will use those on Friday’s at 5:30.  He will see about getting new Passion books so that the congregation could be involved in the reading.  We will use the 2 Lectors to help him read the Passion on Palm Sunday and Good Friday.


Father has ordered a smaller diameter Pascal candle for this year.  We will continue with the fire that Roger Adelhardt has been building in front of the church. (weather permitted).  Chris has ordered the palms and will double check to make sure they are cleaned this year rather than us finding people to clean them.


We will try and find 6 people for the feet washing…if not we will probably not do it.  Father suggested that we line 6 chairs up in front of the altar and ambo and he will just go down the line and wash the feet.  As you saw in an earlier email Chris asked Luke to check with Dale Withers about getting his feet washed.  We could ask the Confirmation kids also.  We can try the sign-up sheet again and see if that works. 


Father will get back with us on the times for Mass on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. 


We will veil the statues the weekend of April 1.


Father is going to Wichita on Monday and will get some votive candles, and altar candles and look at purificators there.  Chris will look on Amazon for purificators out of dinner napkins.  We need to find some that will absorb the water better and not stain with lipstick and wine.  We need to check on some new altar lines also.


Submitted by,


Mary Harms

Liturgy Commission Meeting Minutes

LITURGY MINUTES APRIL 19, 2016 Present were Kay Schnittker, Chris Himmelwright, Father McKinney, Rhonda Westerhaus (pastoral council liaison) and Mary Harms. Chris opened our meeting with our Liturgy prayer. The minutes were approved as written. Upcoming Events: • April 23rd we will meet at 2:00 to prepare the church for the weekend because of a funeral at 11. • April 30th we will meet at 9:00 to prepare the church for the weekend. • May 1st is First Communion • The weekend of May 7 & 8 Father will be gone Father Baker will be here. • The weekend of May 14 & 15 is Pentecost need to change to red. The following weekend we are back to white. Could put the wreaths up instead of the banners again. • May 21st is the Knights of Columbus memorial Mass. Also the Deacon ordination in Dodge City. • June 4 Juan Salas will be ordained in Dodge City. Here is a list of things to do next year for Lent, Holy Week and Easter. • Re-think the palm order instead of us cleaning Ziegler’s can send us palms already for people for Palm Sunday. If we don’t change the palm order we need to post in the bulletin on the website and by word of mouth for volunteers to help clean the palms. • We or Father needs to put in the front of the Passion books which “number” he likes to read that way the Lectors and readers know. • We need to go back to 3 or 4 readers on Good Friday either find 2 for the Passion and then 1 or 2 for the readings or ask for volunteers. • Mark the chairs for washing of the feet. Ask Father how many chairs will be needed might only need 1. • Post in the bulletin at least 2 weeks before the times of Masses for Holy Week and Christmas. Can be put on the running banner on the website also. Father doesn’t have to do we can send in also. Chris has contacted Cecilia about adult server training for funeral Masses. Chris has told her that she and Father need to get together and Father can train the adults. Braden Buck needs trained. Father suggested if Michael Nall asks about training the Liturgy and Father will contact and Father will train. Home schooled children an option if they don’t come to PSR we aren’t sure how to get in touch with these children. Chris will contact Erin and have PSR trained as soon as possible after the start of PSR in the fall. We need to check with Father a couple of months before prom and he will possibly schedule a Sunday evening Mass for the kids and parents. He doesn’t want to change the Saturday evening Mass time. Rhonda asked about having the children do the Mass on the 5th Sunday of those months. This year it happens to be May (Memorial weekend), July and October. Since May and July are when there is no school we thought that having the kids prepare the October Mass is our option. Pastoral Council thought this was a good idea for the Year of Mercy. Since we meet every Saturday we will not have formal meeting in May, June or July. Submitted by, Mary Harms

Liturgy Commission Meeting Minutes

Liturgy Commission Meeting Minutes January 9, 2016 The Liturgy Commission met in the church Saturday, January 9 at 10:00 am. Present were Judy Doolittle, Chris Himmelwright and Kay Schnittker. The minutes from the last meeting were approved. The removal of Christmas decorations is set for Saturday, January 16 at 9:00 am. Mary will supply some trash bags for trees. A new bracket needs to be mounted for our new wreaths. Chris will ask Jerry about this. Ash Wednesday is February 10, 2016. Mass times were discussed. The Commission is in favor of a 12:10 and 5:10 pm schedule, but final decision will be made by Father. Sign up sheets will go up on the last weekend of January. The next meeting is scheduled for February 9, 2016 at 7:00 pm in the church. We will also prepare the church for Lent. Submitted by Chris Himmelwright

Liturgy Commission Meeting Minutes

LITURGY MINUTES DECEMBER 15, 2015 We met at Judy’s for dinner and our meeting. Present were Father McKinney, Judy Doolittle, Chris Himmelwright, Kay Schnittker and Mary Harms. The minutes were approved for the November meeting. We will start decorating for the Christmas season on Saturday December 19 at 9. Hopefully we will have some help to carry up the boxes and get the tall tree set up. We will continue on Sunday December 20. We did discuss about taking the decorations to Kay’s and going through them where we can stretch things out. Hopefully we can pass some of them forward. Mass times for Christmas are Christmas Eve at 5:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. and then Christmas Day at 8:30. Father will have Mass at St. John at 7 on 12-24. New Year’s schedule is 5:30 on December 31st in Pratt at 7 in St. John and at 9:30 a.m. in Pratt. We decided to put a section on the sign up sheets for Christmas Day for Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick. Unless we have volunteers for New Year’s Day we will not take communion to the shut-ins. We will take down Christmas decorations on January 16 at 9. Our next meeting will be January 9th at the church at 10:00. Submitted by, Mary Harms

Liturgy Commission Meeting Minutes

LITURGY MINUTES November 10, 2015 Judy Doolittle, Chris Himmelwright, Kay Schnittker and Mary Harms met at the Himmelwright’s. We opened with prayer. Kay has contacted all the servers who were trained last month. She has filed the vacant spots and taken off the ones that wanted to come off. She did let us know that Ruth Menzer wanted to be removed from the lector and commentator schedule after November. We will remove the blurb about Eucharistic Ministers and Ushers from the bulletin for now. We think most people are looking over it. Chris will send a thank you to the Women of Sacred Heart. We will take down the fall decorations and put the Advent decorations up starting at 9. Kay will make the sign-up sheets for December 8th to be put up on the weekend of November 21st. Mass times will be at 12:10 and 7:00. December 12th will be also the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe and it will be a bilingual Mass. We will need Father to help coordinate who will be doing what at the Saturday evening Mass. Barb Harris will again take care of the poinsettias order. She will check back to see what she ordered for us last year. We will put a note in the bulletin about the ministers on holiday weekends being as scheduled. We will start decorating for Christmas on December 19th at 9 a.m. and finish on December 20th at 1 p.m. Sign-up sheets for Christmas will be put up the first weekend in December. We will take down the Pieta and Lonnie will be able to work on the stand. We discussed getting different trees behind the Nativity and possibly wreaths instead of garland for the back of church. We also will see about getting different ribbon and Judy will make new bows. Our next meeting will be the week of December 14th we found out Father is busy. We will start around 6 with a dinner at Judy’s. Submitted by, Mary Harms

Liturgy Commission Meeting Minutes

LITURGY MINUTES SEPTEMBER 10, 2015 Present were Father McKinney, Chris Himmelwright, Judy Doolittle and Mary Harms.  Chris  opened our meeting with our liturgy prayer. We decided to do the fall arrangements in church on October 3rd.  Judy has asked Gary Barker  for some milo and will get it.  She will also come up one day and cut some pampas grass.  Judy  will be gone Saturday the 17th.  We will use the plants as her flowers are getting “tired”. We still need ushers and Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick.  The note is still running in the  bulletin and if you talk with someone tell them we are flexible as to when they can come to  church pick up the pix etc.  Chris hasn’t placed an order for the processional candles but has the  information. The banners are still being discussed with the quilting ladies and Lonnie has looked at the stand  for Pieta.  No news on those yet. We will meet on October 24th at 10:00 in the church. We adjourned with prayer. Submitted by, Mary Harms

Liturgy Commission Meeting Minutes

LITURGY MINUTES AUGUST 15, 2015 After Mass for the Feast of the Assumption we had our meeting at 9:30. Present were Father McKinney, Judy Doolittle, Kay Schnittker, Chris Himmelwright and Mary Harms. We began our meeting with prayer. Commission of Catechistic will be on September 20. The first PSR class will be September 16 for the grade school and middle school children. The High School will meet on Sundays. Weekday mass times will change for Friday’s only which will be at 5:30 starting the 1st Friday in September. Father will close Adoration and then might re-open after Mass until 7 or 8 depending on what happens. Father’s vacation will be starting after Mass on August 23, 2015 and he will be back sometime around September 1st. Father Dwight Birkett will be presiding both weekends. There will be the Brunner/Conkle wedding on October 10, 2015. Chris will put a notice in the bulletin about ushers and Eucharistic Ministers to the Home Bound to contact one of us or Father if you are interested. Kay was getting a count of lector training books and Eucharistic Minister books to Tina shortly so they can be ordered for the new church year. We did talk a little about Eucharistic Ministers to the Home Bound that if they had plans for breakfast or something after church that they could do that 1st then go on the rounds. Cecilia is concerned about servers for funerals since we will not be able to get servers from the school. Some adult names were Marion Fiegel, David Borho, Ed Barrett, Michael Nall and Jerry Siemens. They could possibly do it during the week. Chris was going to let Cecilia know. Our next meeting will be on Saturday September 12 at 10:00 at the church. Submitted by, Mary Harms

Liturgy Commission Meeting Minutes

LITURGY MINUTES APRIL 14, 2015 Present were Judy Doolittle, Chris Himmelwright, Kay Schnittker, Father McKinney and Mary Harms. Chris opened our meeting with prayer. Minutes from March were approved. 1st Communion will be May 3rd at 2:00. Erin printed out a list of the 2nd graders so we could first contact families to be servers, lectors and Eucharistic Ministers. Erin said she could be an EM and I said I could be a lector. We could possibly have Zach Lamatsch and Kahrie Stegman be servers. Father would like there to be the 5 Ems, 2 lectors and 2 servers and a cross bearer if possible. For the collection using the bank bags seems to be working. Both need to be put in the usher’s room Saturday morning and keys left in the sacristy. We will save some money using the bank bags rather than purchasing the security bags. Thank you’s were sent to the kids that helped during Holy Week. Sent them to Justin, Blake, Kael, Landen and Rick. I also sent one to Gabriel for helping serve all 3 evenings. Chris looked online for processional candles and found some 6 ¾ inches at Church Supply Warehouse it was $39.00. Or else we could also find oil filled candles for the altar and use those as processional candles also. Review of Holy Week: We need to purchase more candle holders for the congregational candles we used all of them at the Vigil service. Palms need to be cut thicker next year had a lot left over and a bunch of small ones that never got put out. Sharon Dodson has asked that we find someone else to work with the palms next year. Have the people who will be getting their feet washed sit with their families where ever they want but at the time of the feet washing to all come to the front and wait until it is their turn. Father has talked with Lonnie Detmer and he is making a box to transport the Holy Oils from the Mass at Dodge City. Also on old business: Chris will contact Lonnie or Ken Beckman about cladding the carpeted stand that the Pieta sits on with some wood to match the altar if possible. Also we need to ask the quilting ladies if they are working on some new banners for us for Ordinary Time. Chris was going to get the 2 lector workbooks and put them in the usher’s room for Joyce and Kristin to pick up. She will email them and let them know where they are at. Our next meeting will be May 12th at 7:00 p.m. Submitted by, Mary Harms